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Sunday, December 28, 2021

Doggy Day Out

We participated in the Doggy Day Out program after seeing a post about it on the Humane Society of St. Joseph County’s Facebook page. To get approved for the program, we, first, had to apply. The application is the same as the foster application, and we were approved!

We thought we would volunteer for Doggy Day Out because it was easy and very low commitment. We only had to take one dog to a park for a few hours. I took it upon myself to make sure the outing was well documented for advertisement purposes for the shelter. There were three dogs that we could potentially take on an outing. When we showed up to meet the dogs, and see who would be the best fit for us, Iggy was the first and only dog we met that day.

He bounded into the room and jumped right up to me. He was not shy at all. He lavished in the attention. We agreed he was great, and we took him to the local river walk park where we could give him more attention and exercise. He was definitely excited, but did awesome in the car. He was so happy walking in the park! Iggy walked great on a leash, ignored the geese and small animals, and was in a great mood the entire time.

Watch our day out on TikTok

After this wonderful experience, we headed back to the shelter that afternoon and immediately agreed to foster Iggy.

We set an appointment for the very next weekend for our own dogs to meet Iggy. We have never had a problem introducing our four dogs to new dogs, but it was important to know how Iggy would respond to them and visa versa.

I look forward to updating you all on our foster experiences. Iggy is currently in our home, and I have lots to write about. Go show an animal some love and kindness today. Peace out!

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