We Got a New Foster

This is Neville! Our last foster, Iggy, was adopted on a Monday, and we had an appointment to meet our next foster the very next Saturday. When we showed up, there were, again, three dog’s files in a pile, ready for us to meet each one. I told our foster coordinator to use her best judgment, and show us the first one that jumped out at her. She picked Neville first. We didn’t even meet the others. We knew Neville needed our help to find a loving home. Neville just seemed fitting.

Bringing home Neville

We agreed to take Neville’s introduction with our pup pack very slow. When we got him home, we found out how important a slow introduction would be for Neville’s progress.

When we bring a new dog home. We like to take them around the backyard first. This allows him to smell our dogs’ scent and leave his scent behind as well. He was very shy in our backyard, jumping away from leaves blowing in the wind, flinching at the breaking of a stick. He was curious, sniffing around at everything his nose could touch, but very cautious and unsure. We do have chickens, in an enclosed run, and they stood very still as he inched closer. Him unsure of them, and them unsure of the new guy. When one, eventually, decided it was safe to move, Neville almost took me out at the knees, trying to back away. Still, he regained courage quickly to begin investing them again, inching his way around the coop, stretching his snout way out in front of him, to get a good whiff.

After exploring the backyard, we bring the new guys inside. Our dogs, safely gated away from where Neville would be. We quickly got to work on positively reinforcing his crate. In our home, crate training is one of the key ways we can ensure everyone stays separated, and it allows us to ensure the foster doesn’t get into anything or eat anything he shouldn’t while we are still learning his behaviors. We want to try to minimize the stimulation in his environment as well. He was very wound up in his crate, at first, pushing the tray completely out, while still inside. It took some work to keep him calm. After a bit, he need quiet down. We rotated the dogs in an outing routine the rest of the day.

Later in the evening, after things started to settle, we introduced him to Derek’s office, where he could spend more time out of his crate, while still being separated from our dogs. Derek plays video games in there, and Neville could be with someone for a little while. He quickly found our tiny dog bed and tried to get comfortable.

So far, we are 2/2 for our foster dogs trying to fit into this bed.

Before bedtime, I wanted to give Neville a chance to stretch his legs and go to the bathroom, since we are working on potty training. We went for a night walk. This ensured there were very few distractions and allowed me to see how he walks on a leash. He did really well! He was interested in sniffing everything. He seemed to really enjoy himself. He slept well in his crate after that too.


Our newest foster! Neville! 😍 doglove adopt adoptme

♬ #TheSplashDance – Splash

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