Neville Meets the Pack

After several days of being separated, Neville has finally been introduced to the pack! He was very nervous the first couple of days, in our home, so we did not want to rush this transition. Once in our home for a few days, Neville started to show signs he was coming out of his shell. He acted interested in what the other dogs were doing. He started howling with the pack when someone walked their dog by the house. He seemed playful. He seemed ready.


Someone is walking their dog! Everyone sound the alarm! 🚨🚨🚨poundthealarm pack howl howling

♬ Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj
Howling with the pack
“So Elf’n Cute”
Pepper and Bean anxiously waiting to play with Neville
Neville being curious about what everyone is doing
Neville and Pepper playing for the first time

We decided to follow our usual approach for introducing new dogs. Pepper gets to meet them in the backyard first. They run and play, and we see how it goes from there. We don’t claim to know all of the exact science behind everything we do. We just know our dogs and their tells. We also do our best to remember they each have their own personality and moods day to day. Well, it worked! Pepper and Neville ran and ran. Neville immediately wanted to play with Pepper as if they had known each other for some time. Pepper happily obliged. I, honestly, wasn’t sure if the introduction would go smoothly. I thought, worst case scenario, Neville would need more time to adjust. It could not have gone smoother! Derek and I were both very pleased.

Things were going so great with Neville and Pepper, we knew Bean would take Pepper’s lead. Bean quickly learned everything was safe and fine. She too warmed up fast. That night, I was able to take all three for a walk together. We are still working on Neville’s leash manners, so I only got tangled a “few” times. I felt a little like Ghostbusters trying, desperately, to not cross the streams/leashes. Once we got into a rhythm, we were off. They walked great together!

Once Neville was used to the big dogs outside, we decided it was safe to let the littles come out to say hi. Our little Moxie and Josie like to sniff for a minute, but they are not, typically, the ones that chase and wrestle. Both Josie and Moxie were rescued as adults, and they have their own ways of engaging in play. Neville was most interested in our chihuahua, Josie. Josie has the most interesting play style. Some dogs don’t seem to understand her intentions right away, but Neville took to her really well.

Neville doing his best to play with Josie
Moxie and Neville sharing one of the dog beds for the first time

Everyone came back inside, very happy to just be together. I can’t wait to share more pictures and videos of them all together. I cannot get enough of his cute face with our pack! Just look for yourself.

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