A Look Back at St. Patrick’s Day with Slider

The shelter ran another promotion for Slider’s adoption over St. Patrick’s Day. This promotional was extended through the end of March. We, again, tried to gain interest in Slider by hitting the socials hard with pictures and videos. The shelter shared our photos of Slider on their Facebook page numerous times in March. Here are some photos from our St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot.

She was so goofy and playful during the photoshoot. The tutu was not her favorite. It was so foreign to her, that she just couldn’t ignore it. She chased it like she was chasing her tail, and then started rolling around on the ground. She definitely lets you know how she feels. We got a couple shots and called it quits on the tutu after that. She looks cute no matter what anyway.

Even though we tried very hard to find a suitable adopter for Slider, one was not found. She is still with us for the time being., getting all the love.

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