About Iggy

How it Started

Sunday, December 28, 2021 Doggy Day Out We participated in the Doggy Day Out program after seeing a post about it on the Humane Society of St. Joseph County’s Facebook page. To get approved for the program, we, first, had to apply. The application is the same as the foster application, and we were approved! We thought we would volunteer for Doggy Day Out because it was easy and very low commitment. We only had to take one dog to a park for a few hours. I took it upon myself to make sure the outing was well documented for…

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Iggy Update!

Iggy’s new parents have informed me that he is doing very well with them. Look how comfy and cozy he looks in his new home!

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My Fostering Experience

We have a new foster coming on Friday, and we are so excited! Stay tuned for updates on that. The reason I’m writing today, though, is because I want to share my overall experience with fostering, so far. Though you can read through my previous posts to learn about each of the dogs we’ve had, I don’t feel they sum up my overall feelings about our fostering experience. That is what I truly want to share with you in this post. I had thought about fostering dogs for some time. It was a thought that would flutter in, and remembering…

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About Me

I am super friendly with people. I want to be everyone’s baby. I am also getting along well with the dogs in my foster home. I am very happy to have my crate at night and whenever I need to be alone for a minute. I love soft blankets! I am not very good at fetch, but I can sit on command, and I am very good at only going potty outside.

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