About Neville

We Got a New Foster

This is Neville! Our last foster, Iggy, was adopted on a Monday, and we had an appointment to meet our next foster the very next Saturday. When we showed up, there were, again, three dog’s files in a pile, ready for us to meet each one. I told our foster coordinator to use her best judgment, and show us the first one that jumped out at her. She picked Neville first. We didn’t even meet the others. We knew Neville needed our help to find a loving home. Neville just seemed fitting. We agreed to take Neville’s introduction with our…

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Neville Meets the Pack

After several days of being separated, Neville has finally been introduced to the pack! He was very nervous the first couple of days, in our home, so we did not want to rush this transition. Once in our home for a few days, Neville started to show signs he was coming out of his shell. He acted interested in what the other dogs were doing. He started howling with the pack when someone walked their dog by the house. He seemed playful. He seemed ready. We decided to follow our usual approach for introducing new dogs. Pepper gets to meet…

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Things with Neville are Going Well!

Things with Neville are going so well! He has come out of his shell so much! Derek and Neville are the best of buds. Neville can truly be a spitfire. He has tons of puppy-like energy. When he’s asleep, he is lounging like you wouldn’t believe. When he is awake, it’s like he’s had twelve cups of coffee. He is ready to go and go and go. Neville is officially crate trained. He is very close to being 100% potty trained. I wanted to post some of latest videos and pictures of Neville. Enjoy!

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My Fostering Experience

We have a new foster coming on Friday, and we are so excited! Stay tuned for updates on that. The reason I’m writing today, though, is because I want to share my overall experience with fostering, so far. Though you can read through my previous posts to learn about each of the dogs we’ve had, I don’t feel they sum up my overall feelings about our fostering experience. That is what I truly want to share with you in this post. I had thought about fostering dogs for some time. It was a thought that would flutter in, and remembering…

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About Me

I am super affectionate with people. I want to play with other dogs, but I am learning how. I am not so fond of my crate, but I tolerate it for treats. These things called “chickens,” at my foster home, really weird me out. Sometimes they move and it scares me. The neighbor dog is very nice, here. We touch noses and wag tails through the fence. Sometimes I bow down, and the neighbor dog will run along the fence line.

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