Slider’s Birthday Pawty!

May 24th was Slider’s one year anniversary of being a shelter pup. The Humane Society of St. Joe County decided it would be the perfect opportunity to throw her a birthday party. Slider is now 3 years old and the longest resident for this shelter, right now. We continue to love on Slider while weContinue reading “Slider’s Birthday Pawty!”

A Look Back at St. Patrick’s Day with Slider

The shelter ran another promotion for Slider’s adoption over St. Patrick’s Day. This promotional was extended through the end of March. We, again, tried to gain interest in Slider by hitting the socials hard with pictures and videos. The shelter shared our photos of Slider on their Facebook page numerous times in March. Here areContinue reading “A Look Back at St. Patrick’s Day with Slider”

A Look Back at Valentine’s Day with Slider

Since I fell off the blogging band wagon right as Slider came to stay with us, I have a few important events to update you about, and record here, for myself. The shelter ran a promotion for Slider’s adoption over the week of Valentine’s Day. In February Slider had been with us for two months.Continue reading “A Look Back at Valentine’s Day with Slider”

Slider is Still Here

Wow, the last several months have been crazy! We adopted Neville at the end of December. One week later, we took in a new foster, Slider. That same week, both Derek and I fell ill with Covid-19. We are much better, thankfully. Fostering through sickness is no joke, and adding to your pack is noContinue reading “Slider is Still Here”

Things with Neville are Going Well!

Things with Neville are going so well! He has come out of his shell so much! Derek and Neville are the best of buds. Neville can truly be a spitfire. He has tons of puppy-like energy. When he’s asleep, he is lounging like you wouldn’t believe. When he is awake, it’s like he’s had twelveContinue reading “Things with Neville are Going Well!”

Neville Meets the Pack

After several days of being separated, Neville has finally been introduced to the pack! He was very nervous the first couple of days, in our home, so we did not want to rush this transition. Once in our home for a few days, Neville started to show signs he was coming out of his shell.Continue reading “Neville Meets the Pack”

We Got a New Foster

This is Neville! Our last foster, Iggy, was adopted on a Monday, and we had an appointment to meet our next foster the very next Saturday. When we showed up, there were, again, three dog’s files in a pile, ready for us to meet each one. I told our foster coordinator to use her bestContinue reading “We Got a New Foster”

How it Started

Sunday, December 28, 2021 Doggy Day Out We participated in the Doggy Day Out program after seeing a post about it on the Humane Society of St. Joseph County’s Facebook page. To get approved for the program, we, first, had to apply. The application is the same as the foster application, and we were approved!Continue reading “How it Started”

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