Slider’s Birthday Pawty!

May 24th was Slider’s one year anniversary of being a shelter pup. The Humane Society of St. Joe County decided it would be the perfect opportunity to throw her a birthday party. Slider is now 3 years old and the longest resident for this shelter, right now. We continue to love on Slider while we wait for her forever family.

It was a gorgeous day for a party! The weather was nice and we could gather outside at the dog park. Slider loved all the open space to run and play.

People who love Slider, and the work that the shelter is doing, got together and showered her in gifts and treats. Slider had the best time! She played with human and doggie friends, alike. Slider even donated some of her extra toys to her shelter friends. Slider also received a DNA test kit for her birthday. We are excited to see her results, even though we already know she is 100% goofball.

What is in Slider’s DNA?

The Birthday Girl

Playing with her presents! This is one of her favorites!

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